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Children’s “Nutrition” Choices

Although I have no doubt that LWB provided formula should be a child’s first choice of what to eat, as a Mom of 4 I also know that sometimes kids have other ideas!

It’s good to know that their little bodies are healthy from the LWB provided formula, but it’s also good to know that kids will be kids!

“Fingernails have iron, right?”

“It’s natural fruit sugar… HONEST!”

“Just a little after dinner music!”

Sandi Peiffer is a Orphanage Assistance Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. Sandi and her husband Corey reside in Florida and Sandi homeschools their two big homegrown boys and their two beautiful chinese daughters, Sabra (Guangdong) and Tova (Guangxi). In addition to her LWB work, Sandi enjoys scrapbooking in her spare time.

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