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Children Helping Children

I am always touched when I hear of young children working together to aid other children. One recent example is an LWB orphanage assistance project organized by the family of four-year-old Yuxiao Harmsen, who was adopted from Anqing SWI in Anhui.

Yuxiao’s family and students at the BSO Catootje School in The Netherlands decided to raise money for Anqing.

The children did a great job with their fundraiser! They raised enough money to purchase warm clothes and shoes for the toddlers, as well as winter coats for the older children.

As a special thank you, several of the children at Anqing made drawings for the Dutch students. Aren’t they wonderful?!

I love the giraffes!

Thank you to Yuxiao’s family and the BSO Catootje School for helping so many children stay warm this winter!

Laura Baldwin
Special Assistance Director

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  • Hello! Can you tell me if the little boy in the blue padded jacket is waiting for a family? We are a paperwork ready family…looking for a sweet boy to bless our family. Something about this little guy’s face is speaking to me!