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China Little Flower Diaper Drive

LWB has previously partnered with China Little Flower on behalf of orphaned children in China. We recently heard about their need for preemie disposable diapers and would like to raise funds to help meet this need. There is currently a donation of 360 preemie diapers on the way to this facility, but with several preemies even this won’t last long.

Serena, who works with China Little Flower, states:

We have 49 babies in our Beijing home now, of which 11 are in the preemie unit. As I mentioned, eight of them are still pretty tiny and using preemie size disposables.  Of course, the situation is always changing as babies are always growing, and we accept new babies on an ongoing basis.  We really cannot predict when new preemies will arrive, but have never had this many at one time before!

We are hoping to raise $1,000 to send diapers to China Little Flower. Additionally if you or someone you know is traveling to China in the near future and could help courier diapers, please contact us. Your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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