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Chinese New Year in Ireland

Chinese New Year in Ireland is a very active time for all families connected to China. For our family it is an amazing time for celebration and dedicated work to help make it the best for them, the sharing of cultural diversity, and actively promoting LWB. : – )
My girls’ dance with the Chinese Irish Cultural Academy http://www.cicaireland.com/ and this is show week – more about that in another blog!!

Today I’ll tell you a little about our weekend away in Limerick where our ICCG – Irish-Chinese Contact Group (FCC) https://www.iccg.ie/home.asp held this year’s all Ireland celebrations. The ICCG have LWB as their official charity and always keep a table for us to set out our wares. (Thank you ICCG!)

Our table this year was placed directly after all the fun activities arranged for the children. I had loaded it up with Love’s Journey 2 http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/lwbshop/Detail?no=47 and the colouring books that ICCG produce with Chinese/English named items – toys, clothes and animals. http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/lwbshop/Detail?no=23 All proceeds from these books go directly to LWB!!! (Thanks again ICCG!)

They even supplied me with a store helper Emily! I of course had further help (or hindrance) from my daughters. We sold over $800 worth of books – funds going DIRECTLY to the children in China. Whoopee!!!

I got to talk to and thank so many people who throughout the year have been helping the children through LWB. I was approached with offers of new fundraisers too 😉
On the last morning as I was eating breakfast, a Mom and daughter came towards us with big smiles on their faces. Mom handed me an envelope, which contained the savings her daughter had given her as a birthday present – the present was to help a child through LWB. It took all my power to choke back a tear – what an inspiring end to a wonderful week!

Julie in Dublin, Ireland

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