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Chloe Needs Your Help to Go To School!

We had a great response to our feature on sweet Chloe, whose international adoption was recently disrupted and whom we took into LWB foster care (“A Second Chance for Chloe Post-Disruption”). Last month we received a good report on her progress with her wonderful foster family, and just this morning we received a new update on her. This update was one we weren’t expecting at all.  It appears that Chloe is ready to go to school! Her foster family took her to the kindergarten a few days ago to see how she would react and if she would like it. Not only did she LOVE school, but now she wants to go every day.

Great news, right? Well, almost great news. The great news will come when we are able to tell Chloe’s foster family that we have enough sponsors to help us send this precious young girl to school!

Won’t you consider helping us with this need? With your donation to Chloe’s education, you will receive quarterly updates on her progress along with new photos.  Most importantly you will be adding so much joy and experience to Chloe’s life, and hopefully helping her to move toward a second chance at adoption.

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