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Christi and Our Emergency Medical Fund


In the early morning hours of a late July day, baby Christi was found.

christi arrival

Born with some of her organs, including her liver and intestines, protruding through an opening in her abdomen (a condition called gastroschisis), the orphanage called LWB’s China staff immediately. Relying on LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund, Christi was rushed to the hospital where she received urgent surgery in the hope of saving this precious little girl’s life. She showed us how strong she was by surprising everyone, including the doctors in China, by kicking and screaming on arrival and while in the Intensive Care Unit.

Christi inclubator

After the surgery to prepare the abdominal cavity, the process for repair of gastroschisis is to encase the organs in a sterile bag and gradually lower them into her body over several days. Once Christi’s internal organs were ‘internal’ again, the doctors were able to close her abdomen. Not surprisingly, she required a ventilator to breathe as the sudden pressure from the reinserted organs and intestines pressed upwards on her lungs while her little body adjusted and started working normally. IV nutrition was necessary for quite a while before she could even try to take a bottle. Through all of this, Christi surprised everyone with her strength and her incredible will to survive.


Unfortunately, poor little Christi developed an infection of her surgical incision followed by post-operative pneumonia. Through the skilled care of the hospital staff and her own strength, Christi slowly recovered and even began feeding well — a very encouraging sign.


Thanks to the people who stepped forward to donate to her care and LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund, Christi survived.  She was able to be moved immediately for medical care which literally saved her life.  Christi is such a little fighter and we are so thankful we could be there when she needed us.


Donations to LWB’s Emergency Medical Fund will allow us to continue to respond to urgent calls for help as we were able to for this precious baby girl.

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