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Christi: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Recently LWB received an urgent call about a baby who had just been brought into the orphanage. The baby was rushed to a children’s hospital in a larger city that had the experience to deal with her unique special need: gastroschisis.

christi arrival

Babies with gastroschisis are born with some of their internal organs on the outside of their body. This birth defect occurs in only 1 out of every 10,000 births. Baby Christi (named after a wonderful, strong woman) was placed in the neonatal intensive care unit where her organs were gradually allowed to settle into place. This process took a few days, and she recently received the necessary surgery to close her tummy.

Christi inclubator

We have every hope that Christi will fully recover, but she remains in the hospital so the doctors can watch her closely. Can you even imagine how frightening that delivery had to be for this little girl’s birth mother?

christi incubator2

Our hearts are broken for Christi’s beginning, but with your help we can give this precious child healing and the opportunity to grow and thrive so she can fulfill the dreams her birth mother may have had for her. Your donation in any amount will truly help.

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