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Christmas Blessings

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. What a busy time of the year, but what a special time for families. Last night after all my kids were in bed (which is LATE since I have teenagers), I sat in front of my Christmas tree and decided to think of a blessing for every ornament I saw on our tree. As I let my mind start thinking of them, I quickly realized that it was people and definitely not things that came to my mind.

I could only smile as I realized that to name every blessing, every child who has touched my life for the better, every person who has given so much of themselves to help change the lives of children… would require a forest of Christmas trees. Even though so much of what we do involves sadness, as so many children are so sick and in need, my work with LWB has shown me how very much good is still in the world. The love and dedication that people show for children is absolutely awe inspiring. The kindness of strangers I have not even met is simply incredible.

To everyone who has given of themselves this year to help a child in need…..please know that you are a BLESSING to this world. Your care and concern is helping to change lives.

Today in my inbox I received so many Christmas wishes from China. Greetings from orphanage staff, cards from volunteers there working with the children, and even the dearest emails from some of the older orphaned children who have received surgery or educational help from our foundation. They sent their wishes for a joyful holiday, and I would like to pass on their thoughts to you, as none of what we do is possible without your help. You are truly changing lives.

So in their words… “May the love and the joy of this special season fill your heart and your home with love.”

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