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Claudia’s New Family

The LWB Orphanage Assistance program provides formula to children in the Dingyuan SWI every three months, thanks to our generous donors. As part of the Orphanage Assistance program, a monitor goes to the SWI each quarter to photograph, weigh and measure the children. Jia Wen is a lovely little girl of nearly two from Dingyuan and was one of the children who benefited from the formula sent to her SWI.

We got to know her sweet smile through the photographs and records taken on these quarterly visits. She melted our hearts with her sweet smile, and we could tell that this little girl already had a happy personality all her own.

Look at that sweet smile on her chubby cheeks! Jia Wen is particularly happy after her little tummy has been satisfied with the formula. She is outgoing and often makes sounds in baby language. One of her “hobbies” is standing on the crib and rocking it for fun. From the photo, you can tell that she really loves that!

We are now very happy to report that Jia Wen has been adopted by a loving family who calls her Claudia.

As you can see, she and her new mom share happy times together! We wish this little angel of joys the very best.

Linda Tang is the LWB Orphanage Assistance Administrative Assistant. She lives in Seattle and enjoys being able to locally contribute to a global cause like LWB.

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