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Cleft Bottle Baby

This is Sheng, another one of our cleft sweeties in the nutrition program. We first heard about Sheng a year ago, when he was just two months old. Due to his cleft lip and palate, he wasn’t gaining any weight at all, and we were afraid he might not survive the winter. So Sheng was moved into foster care where he received a premium formula and cleft bottles. Cleft bottles are vital to little ones with cleft palate, because they cannot create the suction needed to nurse from a regular bottle. Cleft bottles are made of a soft plastic that allows a caregiver to assist the baby’s efforts with a gentle squeeze.

Cleft bottles and good formula made a world of difference for Sheng. He has now tripled his weight, and was able to have his lip repaired in November, during our cleft mission trip to Anhui Province. Isn’t he a beautiful boy?

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our Cleft Bottle Fund. With your donations we help children like Sheng every day, providing these special bottles that are not available in China. This is a gift that truly saves lives!

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