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Cleft Bottles Sent to Operation Smile

Late last year, we were contacted by the wonderful people at Operation Smile. They had seen the announcement that we were able to manufacture and send cleft bottles to every orphanage in China, thanks to a donation by Mead Johnson.  Specialized bottles are not readily available in China, which leads to many orphaned babies with cleft being diagnosed as failure to thrive and even sadly passing away.  For years, charities have been hand-carrying these bottles into China to help vulnerable babies born with cleft who are unable to suck.   The person who contacted us asked if it would be possible for them to receive these bottles as well for the surgery missions they do in China.

We gladly sent two cases of bottles to them before their surgical trip to Inner Mongolia. Operation Smile pre-registers families one month in advance of their trips. As rural families registered with their babies in Inner Mongolia, they were given two cleft bottles to take home with them to help their babies gain weight before the surgical team arrived.  Shortly after the mission, we received word that the bottles had made a wonderful difference and that all the babies had reached the proper weight for surgery.

This year we hoped to provide enough bottles for every 2013 cleft surgery trip Operation Smile has in China. Thanks to a generous donation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, we were able to manufacture and send 2,400 bottles for their trips!   We are just so grateful that we are able to help in this way, and we know that so many precious lives will be impacted.

We gratefully accept donations to our cleft bottle fund. How wonderful that a $2 bottle can actually help save a child’s life!

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