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Cleft Bottles: Special Delivery!

During the first quarter of 2016, our China Medical Director received many calls requesting the special, squeezable, bottles which are so vital for helping cleft-affected children get adequate nutrition so they can grow and thrive. In fact, we received so many requests that we placed another order for over 1,000 additional bottles!

We receive calls from orphanages, maternity hospitals, and organizations coordinating medical trips, as well as healing homes and foster programs caring for children with cleft.

Why is it so important to have a special bottle for a baby born with a cleft lip or palate? Babies born cleft-affected aren’t able to create good suction because of the cleft, so they are less efficient feeders. This means it takes them longer, and they have to work harder to get the same amount, or even less, food as children born without a cleft and therefore use calories to eat rather than to gain weight and thrive.

Included with every carton of bottles we send is literature explaining the best feeding techniques, both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, for cleft affected children.

We also include information for various charitable organizations offering free or reduced-cost cleft repair surgeries.

Cleft Bottle delivery 2 2016

Because of your support of the LWB Cleft Bottle Initiative, we were able to respond to all of these requests immediately, and the babies didn’t have to struggle as long to get the nutrition they need and deserve.

Although manufacturing costs have gone up a bit this year, you can help purchase cleft bottles for a child with cleft for as little as $3!  We are so grateful to everyone helping us with this important initiative.

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