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Cleft Exchange Day Three

Today started with Becca searching for food. She was not happy to miss her breakfast and was determined to find milk or food.

Poor baby, she did not understand that she needed to fast, no food or drink, before surgery. She was the third case and had a very hard time waiting.

The day went more slowly as Dr. Shen performed the first surgery with Dr Ness’s instruction and encouragement. It is wonderful to see how quickly the staff are learning these new skills and to know how many more children will be helped in the future.

Faith was the next surgery of the day. She entertained everyone before she left for her turn in the operating room.

Her surgery was done very successfully and she was able to sleep and recover on her return to the ward.

Soon, but not soon enough for Becca, it was her turn to head off to the Operating room.

She returned still not very happy but I am sure that she will perk up quickly and become her usual cheerful self once she can eat again!

The children who had surgery yesterday are all recovering very nicely.
Here is Peng and Liang with their caregivers. Everyone is so delighted at the children’s recovery and new beautiful faces.

What a handsome guy!

JD was feeling well enough to play with Holli, one of the expats who are helping out so much at the hospital. They have been such a gift to the team and children.

The children for tomorrow’s surgery arrived and were very pleased to get their gifts from the expats. Grace, pictured below, was discovered to have already had her palate repaired but as she is still unable to speak clearly, Dr Ness is going to perform another surgery on the back of her palate which will help her to speak more clearly.

What a blessing to have a surgeon with Dr Ness’s skill available to help Grace and the other children and for the Chinese surgeons to be able to learn from yet another procedure to help the children with more difficult repairs.

Lianne was her usual silly self as she checked into the hospital to get ready for her big day tomorrow. She just loves to make everyone laugh.

Gavin continues to get tender loving care and we are all still praying that he will get his surgery this week.

From the report today, we have learned just how much more of an impact this surgery trip will have. This has been an exchange of ideas, cooperation, and learning. Both sets of doctors, from the US and China, are gaining so much from this experience and are forging a wonderful relationship. Most importantly, the children being touched each day are the true beneficiaries…..their lives have been touched forever by generosity and kindness of these doctors.

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  • jody brannon says:

    You all are doing an incredible job. We have adopted two from China, one cleft affected. She is now 2 and has been home for 6 months. Oh how I hope to be able to help you in the future. I wish I was there with you to just help hold the babies. Thank you for all you do. Keep safe and healthy. God Bless.