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Cleft Surgeries for Three Orphaned Boys From Henan

This summer, we were contacted by an orphanage in Henan about three little boys in need of cleft repair: Finn, Ben, and Keaton.

Precious Keaton was born with a cleft lip and palate. Already six months old, he is struggling to put on weight, which is unfortunately common for children born with cleft lip as they can be difficult to feed.

Once Keaton’s cleft lip is repaired, feeding should be easier for him. We sure would love to see his cheeks become a little chubbier!

Also six months old is sweet Ben. Ben has a bilateral cleft lip, and early surgery is essential for children born with this condition.

Ben’s nannies have been working hard to feed him with special cleft bottles. Now is a perfect time, however, for this little guy to receive his repair.

The oldest of these three boys is Finn. Finn had his cleft lip repaired at an earlier age, but his palate remains open.

Early repair of a child’s open palate is vital to early language development, so we would love to help Finn get surgery very soon while he is learning to verbalize and communicate with others via speech.

All three boys are already halfway to receiving the funding needed to send them for surgeries, and we could use some help in putting them over the top so they can go for surgery before September.

We are so proud that our supporters have always been passionate about helping cleft-affected children. Now we are counting on your help to help us raise the funds needed to get these three darling little guys the repairs they need.

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