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Cleft Surgery News

Sweet friends Jace and Raina are healing nicely from their cleft lip surgeries they had two weeks ago.  They were the first cleft children entrusted to us by their orphanage in Guangdong Province, and we are so glad they are recovering well!


To help show what a huge difference cleft lip surgery can make, we wanted to share their “before” photos.  Aren’t their repairs gorgeous?

Jace and Raina before

Next up is Asher from Anhui. Asher is almost two and had cleft lip surgery during the 2012 Cleft Exchange. He is scheduled to arrive at Hefei No 1 Hospital this weekend for his palate surgery.

cleft Asher

Little Ryder from Anhui had his cleft lip surgery a few days ago.  He had a slight fever afterwards and is being treated for that.  We hope to see his new smile soon.

cleft Ryder

Jose is almost three years old and is in LWB Foster Care in Anhui Province. Due to issues with his adoption paperwork, he hasn’t been adopted yet and is still waiting for his cleft palate surgery. Jose is an active and happy little guy. He loves being outdoors and playing with his stuffed animals. Jose still needs sponsors for his cleft palate surgery. If you’d like to sponsor him, please visit his sponsorship page.


On Monday, 20-month old-Emerson (also from Anhui) is scheduled to arrive at Anhui Children’s Hospital for his cleft palate surgery.  This little cutie is a graduate of LWB’s Anhui Healing Home.
cleft Emerson
We hope these sweet faces will brighten up your weekend!

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