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Cleft Trip is Almost Here

Helping with children’s surgeries has been life changing for me. Every day I am able to see the goodness of strangers working toward giving a child hope for the future. Whether it is a heart surgery, neurosurgery, or a cleft surgery, each surgery changes a child’s life forever and gives them a chance at a bright future. How rewarding it is to then watch child after child find their family.

One of my favorite yearly events will soon be coming. From November 4-8, we will be performing cleft and hemangioma surgeries in Shanghai for orphaned children throughout China. We are so grateful that Dr. Lisa Buckmiller and the medical staff from Arkansas Children’s Hospital have agreed to join us for another surgery trip. Over 30 children will be touched by these wonderful people over these five days.

In addition to performing these life changing surgeries on these children, Dr. Buckmiller will be working with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center (SCMC) to help build a cleft surgery program. We are always looking for the best places to send our children for surgery, where they receive the best surgical care and after surgery treatment. SCMC is one of these wonderful hospitals that does just that. Up until now, they have had premiere surgical departments in neurosurgery, heart surgery, anal and colon surgeries, and many other general surgery areas. We trust their doctors completely when we send a child to them. They have not had a surgeon dedicated to cleft surgeries, but are now working to change that. One of their plastic surgeons has been studying at other local hospitals and plans to work closely with the Arkansas team when we are there. We are planning to continue this exchange into next year when we send additional cleft teams to this hospital.

The beautiful children who will soon be healed are now on our website for sponsorship. Every one of these children will soon have a new gorgeous smile. When you sponsor a child, it doesn’t matter how big or small your donation; you will receive updates on their surgery and progress after surgery. We love to follow each of these children until they are adopted, if possible. We have enjoyed watching so many of last year’s children find homes and I just know that by this time next year, the same will be true with this bunch. You can see the children we will be helping on this mission on our sponsorship page at http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedical.php

Thank you as always, for all of your wonderful support.
Karen Maunu
Medical Director

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