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Clever Becca

Every month I look forward to receiving Becca’s report. You can always count on a great photo and a cute story. She is a clever, lively little girl and her reports give a glimpse of her personality.

Recently, Becca has developed a new habit of patting the hands, laps, or shoulders of others to greet them. She will then wait for their reaction. If they smile at her she will respond with big smiles and more pats. What a cute way to draw attention and appreciation!

Becca’s clever behaviors and words often surprise her family. One morning Becca was putting on her new coat. Her sister asked her “How do you like the coat?” She replied “Hai Hao (It’s ok)”. This made everyone laugh.

You may wonder where Becca gets this confidence, her loving nature, and humor. It is very simple. The answer can be found in her October report… “The whole family loves her very much.” Just look into Becca’s eyes and you can see she feels it, too.

Kristen Braxton is the Huainan Foster Care Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in North Carolina with her husband, Dallas ,and their five children. With 3 boys, a daughter from Kurgan, Russia and a daughter from Longyan (Fujian Province), China there is never a dull moment in the Braxton household.

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