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Climbing Mountains

John entered LWB’s Foster Care Program three years ago at the age of five. He naturally felt scared and alone at first, but he quickly grew very close to his foster grandfather, who took a special interest in John. John had recently undergone a spinal surgery to improve his leg strength and was fitted with leg braces to aid in his progress.

John and his foster grandfather learned together how to operate his leg braces and have been practicing his walking every day at the park since the day they met over three years ago.

You can see in their faces how proud they both are of John’s progress. They work very hard so that John may someday fulfill his dream of climbing a mountain!

Through the years John has spent with his foster family, he has learned to trust again. He says that his foster grandpa is the best cook and makes delicious food. Due to John’s special need, he is unable to attend school, but his foster grandpa works with him every day teaching him basic math and Chinese symbols. With the generous support of our sponsors, who make it possible for John to live with his foster family, he has become a very confident and happy little boy.

When asked what makes him happy, John tells us that he is most happy when he knows he has made his foster grandpa proud. Trust and love are once again a part of John’s life. The support of a foster family gives children like John the ability to believe in themselves and realize that dreams can come true.

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