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Climbing Mountains for Laurel

Two days after her birth, Laurel’s parents knew that their tiny daughter needed immediate medical care. They brought her from their remote home on the Tibetan Plateau to Bomi County to see a doctor who told her parents that she had a congenital birth defect which required immediate surgery. Unfortunately, the local hospital was unable to do anything to help her. Her parents took her to two additional hospitals in a desperate attempt to help their newborn daughter. Because she was so young, the local doctors were afraid to attempt surgery and so they sent her family home to survive as best they could.

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Miraculously, Laurel survived 18 months without medical care before she was able to finally have the surgery she needed. Sadly though, the surgery left her worse off than she was before.

Now seven years old, Laurel has spent the last several years living with the complications of her first surgery and pain that sometimes makes her pass out.

Laurel lives with her parents and two brothers in a village on the Tibetan Plateau. The family lives on just $2 per day, depending on what her father can make doing odd jobs, picking mushrooms in the mountains, and growing barley. The family owns one yak and three pigs.

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When we learned about Laurel’s situation, we were committed to helping her. Her family was so excited when they learned about the opportunity to receive help through our Unity Initiative, and they wanted to bring her for evaluation right away. However, the bridge connecting their remote mountain village to the outside world was washed out due to heavy rains. The family was terribly worried that they would miss the chance to help her before the winter snows closed in on them, which could happen in Tibet as early as October. Determined not to miss this opportunity to help their beloved daughter, the family decided to hike over the mountains on foot to reach a city where they could catch a train to Shanghai.

We are so thankful that Laurel’s family made contact with LWB, and we are excited to get Laurel the help she so desperately needs through our Unity Initiative. Your donation in any amount will help this deserving girl and her family.

Laurel’s family climbed over a mountain to help their daughter have a chance at a healthy life.  Will you join with us on their journey?

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