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Closing the “ER”

This past week we had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close our medical program to any new children with critical medical needs.  The reason?  Because we currently have so many urgent children on our website who haven’t been funded for their surgeries yet that we sadly cannot take on any more.  I think most people who follow LWB’s work know that our medical program is run entirely by volunteers – amazing, giving, compassionate people who do this work because they want to help save lives – and so it is very hard to continue to have orphanages call us asking for help for their sickest babies, knowing that saying “no” means that child will most likely not survive.  Saying NO to a child who is clinging to life…. well, I know you realize how terrible and gut wrenching that is.

Today I am asking for your help on behalf of some children who are in urgent need of someone to say “YES” to them.  And there are two very easy ways to help.   First, our annual art auction is now online, and 100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to fund medical care for orphaned children.  If you are on Twitter – would you please tweet that this auction is now through Tuesday the 19th? It is a great way for people to purchase a beautiful item that they can then know saved a child’s life.  Here is a shortened URL you can use to tweet your friends straight to the auction site:


The same goes if you are on Facebook or if you have a blog.  Please take just a few minutes to share the news that this is an auction that not only has beautiful things on which to bid, but that will give a second chance to some very sick children.

Second, I would ask that you look at the faces of some of the children who are desperately in need of immediate medical care and share their stories with your family and friends.  I believe 100% that people WANT to help children in need, but I think often times they don’t know how to get involved.  Please help share the news that they have the ability to personally impact the life of a child who is ill in a very real way – and that no donation is too small.

Keely is 16 months old and needs to be moved to Shanghai for immediate heart surgery, but she keeps getting too sick to make the journey.  She needs $2200 more for her operation.

Delyth is two months old and has been fighting to survive since she was born and then abandoned.   She needs $5800 for her surgery.

Aaron is a tiny baby born with a spinal tumor which has broken open.  He needs $7500 to receive medical care in Shanghai.

Daisy is a 16 month old baby girl from Anhui whose health has declined due to a heart defect, and she needs immediate surgery to survive.   She needs $4500 for her life-saving operation.

Wyatt is a preemie who came into our hands severely compromised.  We moved him to the hospital for immediate intervention, but he is in a battle for his life right now.  He needs $3500 for specialized NICU care.

These are just a few of the beautiful kids whose lives depend on all of us right now.   To read about them and even more children needing medical care, you can visit our medical sponsorship page here.

There just aren’t enough words to tell each of you how grateful we continually are for your support for the babies in China who are born with such complex medical conditions.  I know you have seen as we have – absolute transformations and second chances when we all come together to support a child who needs us.  I am so thankful that you all understand so clearly that these aren’t just “kids on paper.”   They are real children, in orphanages and hospitals right this moment, who have a very small window of opportunity to find healing.   Thank you for taking that deep breath with us and stepping out to ask for help on their behalf.

I know we can do this together – and give these priceless and wonderful children the gift of hope.

Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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