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Back in August, we were contacted by an orphanage in Anhui province who had taken a premature baby into their care. They told us the baby was very difficult to feed and listless, with a very low body temperature.

Baby Cohen on intake

We rushed little Cohen to the provincial children’s hospital for emergency care, where doctors stabilized his temperature in an incubator. It became obvious to us very quickly that baby Cohen was one determined little baby, as each time our manager visited the hospital, Cohen had managed to put on a tiny bit more weight.


By the end of September, Cohen had made it to the magic number of 2.1 kg (4.5 pounds), which meant he could safely be discharged from the hospital.


Cohen then came to stay in our Anhui Healing Home, where the nannies got to work holding him and feeding him every few hours. In just one month, this adorable little boy almost doubled his weight to 8 pounds!


Now when we get updates on Cohen, it is hard to believe this healthy, chubby little boy started life as a preemie. Just look at those cheeks!


Cohen was also born with a PFO heart defect, which we are watching closely, and he had some retinal issues from being born too soon. We will continuing monitoring his health to make sure he gets all the medical services he needs, but for now all we want this little boy to do is eat, sleep, and be loved on by his nannies. Cohen has recently started smiling for his caregivers, and we know with lots of TLC he will graduate to foster care this coming spring.


This gorgeous little boy had his life saved because people around the world supported him, and we believe that is something wonderful to celebrate. We are so grateful for your help, and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful things in store for Cohen in the future!

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