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Cohen: Love Starts Here

As the writer Eda LeShan once said, “A new baby is like the beginning of all things –wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”  

Baby Cohen on intake

Little Cohen was born prematurely and came into our hands weighing just 2 kg. His orphanage had called us when he was first found because they were worried about his tiny size. Cohen spent almost two months in the hospital because he needed plenty of time to learn to eat and to grow stronger.


Once Cohen was stronger, he was moved to our Anhui Healing Home, where he is receiving lots of TLC. In the six weeks he has been in the home, he has truly thrived. Although Cohen has had to overcome some challenges because of his prematurity, he is steadily gaining weight. At almost four months old, Cohen still spends a lot of time sleeping, but he is a very contented baby and is frequently caught smiling in his sleep.


Babies need to know they are safe and that someone will come when they call, and Cohen is getting lots of reassurance that all his needs will be met. Whenever he gets upset, one of his nannies will pick him up and gently rock him. He really enjoys this and responds well to someone speaking calmly to him.


When Cohen is awake, he likes to look at faces and will watch his caregivers intently, staying focused on one person’s face while he is being rocked. We are so grateful that Cohen is receiving plenty of love and attention from his caregivers atthe Anhui Healing Home, where we are confident he will continue to grow and develop into a strong boy. 

We give thanks today that we have the honor of caring for little Cohen and agree that his life is now filled with endless possibilities. Thank you for helping us give him this second chance.

Real hope does indeed happen when Love Starts Here.

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  • Peggy says:

    trying to find out how to donate can’t figure out this “text” thing you have? I want the money to go where needed the most at the time of donation not a specific baby. There are so many.