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Cohen, Our Laughing Buddha

It’s hard to believe that the chubby-cheeked, healthy looking little boy that entered Fuyang foster care program just two weeks ago is the same wee baby that came into our care less than a year ago fighting for his life.


Born prematurely, Cohen had the odds stacked against him in every way. But quality medical care and the nurturing and love lavished on him in our Anhui Healing Home has helped him grow and thrive.

Baby Cohen on intake

Not only is Cohen growing physically but in every other way as well.


Alert and curious and initially wary about his new foster care family and home, he is currently adjusting to his environment.


Just six months old, he enjoys babbling and gurgling and communicating with those who hold and love him.


Nicknamed by his healing home nannies as the Laughing Buddha because his eyes narrow into one thin line when he smiles or laughs, Cohen is in need of foster care sponsors. If you would like to sponsor Cohen, please follow the link. His reports and progress will undoubtedly brighten your day!

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