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Congrats to the Anhui Grads!

Since 2004, LWB has been helping rural and impoverished students realize their dreams of getting a higher education.  In China, mandatory education is only through middle school, and high school tuition is often far beyond a family’s means.  Many students in the countryside begin working full time after middle school, and it is often hard for them to break out of the cycle of poverty without continuing their education. For the last three years, we have been honored to work with a group of students in Anhui province.  We are so grateful to our supporters who have allowed these great kids to attend high school, and we are excited to announce that the entire group earned their high school diplomas recently!

Anhui students

You might also know that in China, many students sit for the grueling college entrance exam, known as the gaokao.  This two day exam is held in early June, and the pressure put on students to study hard for this test is intense.  It is not uncommon for students to study from the wee hours of the morning until late into night, as passing the exam is the only way one can attend university.


We are beyond proud of the kids in our Anhui program, as the gaokao results were just announced, and nine of the students passed the exam and were accepted to college!

We also want to congratulate a special young lady named Ting, who ended up scoring the third highest in her school.  That is an amazing accomplishment, and we are so very proud of her.   This past spring, Ting wrote the following letter to her sponsor:

“Life every day consists of going between two points – classroom and dorm. Recently I’ve been going home less and less, and being a child prone to homesickness, staying away from home gives me a sense of sadness. But I know that I must study hard right now, and not spend my energy on other things. What worries me the most is my grandparents’ health, especially my grandma who always gets sick when it’s cold out. Every time I go home and see them in poor health I feel helpless, I don’t know what I can to, how I can share some of their burden, so I can only lament my own insignificance. My grandpa often lectures me, to study hard and become a useful person in the future, and my teacher says, “Knowledge can change destiny.” 

All of Ting’s hard work during high school has now ended up with her being admitted to university.


Knowledge can indeed change destiny, and we want to send our deepest thanks to everyone who supports our program for impoverished students.  You are allowing these kids to have the best chance possible to have a brighter future.

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