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Last week I got an email from Stefani Ellison at Children’s House International.  Their agency was just assigned the Heze orphanage in Shandong province to help place children for adoption, and Stefani was especially touched by one little girl that their staff had met on their visit.  This little girl’s special need limited her to only being able to take a few steps unassisted.  Stefani emailed me to find out if we had a supplier of posterior walkers in China as she wanted to get this little girl one to help her mobility.   I have to say that as someone who grew up WITHOUT the internet (yes, I just gave away my age),  at times I am still in awe at how fast it allows us to get help to those in need.

I quickly zapped an email to Ellen Dietrick, who is one of LWB’s volunteer physical therapists, and she confirmed that we would still need to hand carry a posterior walker to China as they are not easily available to purchase there.  She then reminded me that she was leaving in three days for China, and she just happened to have a walker in the exact size that the little girl needed.   She asked if there was any way we could also get the foot size of the little girl, as she could take braces and special shoes to help her as well.

So while Stefani sent an urgent email to her staff to get the little girl’s measurements, I quickly sent an email to our medical director in China to see if he could meet Ellen at the Guangzhou airport when she arrived on Sunday morning.  He immediately wrote back that he would be waiting for her at 6 a.m. right outside baggage to pick up the walker to mail to the Heze orphanage.

Within a few hours, everything was in place to give this beautiful and resilient little girl the equipment she needed to walk better.   I sat at my computer when it was all arranged and felt like I could do a commercial for the power of the internet.  It never ceases to amaze me how many great things can happen through our online connections.   So for all of the people out there who use their computers for social good, put your hand up to the screen and let’s give a high five to celebrate those little moments in life that are able to make a huge impact for someone in need.

Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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  • Patty Fouts says:

    I’m just a mommy, but I wanted to share this information that I recently learned… that no doctor seems to have ever heard of, yet it is life changing for at least 100 different diagnosis.

    When she gets “home” her family should find a NUCCA chiropractic doctor (make sure he/she is NUCCA), preferably board certified, but if not, Level 2 NUCCA.

    They align the atlas bone and AMAZING things can happen. Our daughter had no balance (0 to 5 seconds)and with her first adjustment, she could stand about 12 seconds. Walking, of course, will happen next. This could be all this little one needs… to get this Upper Cervical Spinal Correction to alleviate the interference to the brain/body communication.

  • preston says:

    This is such a moving testimony. As someone who needs crutches to walk I can truly appreciate what this gorgeous little girl goes through on a daily basis. Thanks to all of the volunteers and staff for giving this precious child a chance to walk and gain some independence.