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Connie: 5 Pounds and Counting

Earlier this month, we introduced you to another preemie who had been found in January and taken to an orphanage in Anhui. The staff of the orphanage called us right away, and baby Connie was immediately moved to the NICU of the provincial children’s hospital. ¬†This photo shows how tiny she was compared to the diapers on the bed with her!

We are so happy to report that little Connie gained all the weight she needed in order to be discharged from the hospital. Once she learned how to take a bottle, she began eating with gusto! Just this past week, she made it to the important 5 pound mark. Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?

We knew that Connie needed additional one-on-one care to ensure she reaches her full baby health, but there wasn’t room at our healing homes at the moment. We are always so grateful to other charities who welcome these wonderful children with open arms, and we are thrilled that the Taiwan Harmony Home in Henan province has agreed to care for baby Connie until she is ready to transition to foster care in her hometown. She traveled by train up to Henan this weekend, and we know the team members at Harmony Home are going to fall so in love with her like we did!

Thank you to everyone who helped support baby Connie’s medical care while she was in the NICU. ¬†Another wonderful story of hope made possible by YOU!

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