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Continuing To Care For Jackson

Five years ago, LWB was contacted about a six-month-old boy from a rural village in Guizhou who had been born with a congenital heart defect. His family was desperate to get help for their son, but they were only able to raise part of the cost of his surgery. (Read more in our 2013 blog, “A Father’s Plea for Help“).

Thankfully, our Unity Initiative was there to help them with the remainder of the costs, and little DaLang was able to get the care he needed.

His father wrote to us following his surgery and expressed his thanks for giving his son the opportunity for a healthy future. (Read the letter here).

DaLang, whose LWB name is Jackson, now has a little brother, and the boys seem to have a great time together.

Each year, the family takes Jackson for a follow-up exam to see how he is doing. Unfortunately, this year his doctors determined he is going to need a second surgery to put in a stent in his pulmonary artery or another larger artificial blood vessel. We would like to continue to stand by Jackson and his family as he prepares for his next cardiac procedure.

His family is working hard to raise as much of the funds as they can, and LWB has committed to help them with the remaining costs. We are asking for donations in any amount to go toward this next surgery for Jackson.

The family is hopeful that surgery will be able to happen soon to give him his best chance at recovery. We are honored to continue to care for Jackson five years after his first surgery and hope that we can raise the needed funds quickly so that he can get the treatment he now needs.

As always, thank you for helping us to stand with families like Jackson’s during their time of need.

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