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Who Will Be In Cornelius’ Corner?

Cornelius has one of the most distressing diagnoses that we know of for an orphaned child in China:  biliary atresia.

Cornelius 11.2.15

Biliary atresia is a life-threatening condition in which the liver’s bile ducts do not have normal openings. Without a properly functioning liver, Cornelius will need a liver transplant, something which is extremely rare for an orphaned child.

The surgery to attempt to correct biliary atresia (the Kasai procedure) should be done within the first three months of life to minimize the damage to the liver. Little Cornelius is already two months old, and therefore it was with great urgency that we arranged for him to have the procedure. We had not yet raised the needed funds for his surgery,but knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

Cornelius 11.6.15

Cornelius was moved to a top pediatric children’s hospital in Shanghai for care and had the surgery last week.  When one of our volunteers went to visit him, he seemed so scared and grasped onto her finger, unwilling to let go.

Cornelius grasping finger 11.6.15

The Kasai procedure is successful in only one-third of babies. If it is not a success, then Cornelius’ only hope for life will be adoption to gain the chance for a liver transplant. Fortunately, his orphanage is preparing his paperwork as quickly as they can to give him every opportunity to find a family willing to give him that hope.

Cornelius 11.9.15

Please keep this beautiful baby boy in your thoughts and prayers and considering becoming a part of his team of sponsors. He truly needs everyone possible in his corner!

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