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Counting Down Our Top Ten Photos of 2011: Homework With Friends

One of our favorite times of each year is when we get to vote for LWB’s Top Ten Photos. ¬†Literally thousands of photos come to us each year from our various programs, we never tire of seeing the faces of the children who inspire us. At this special time of year, we want to inspire you — and warm your hearts — by seeing the photos our supporters have chosen as LWB’s Top Ten Photos of 2011!

Coming in at #10:  Homework with Friends

When LWB first learned of JD, his family was barely getting by. He was born with cleft lip and lived the first ten years of his life with it unrepaired. He had been taken in by a kind-hearted man who raised him as his son, but sadly this man passed away. Many people in the village felt JD should go to an orphanage, but his elderly grandmother insisted that he was now truly her grandson. She has tried her very best to support him but is only able to earn funds by collecting wild onions and roots to sell.

We were so happy we could help arrange for his cleft lip to be repaired, and then we enrolled him in our education program so we could help him with school funds and a tutor. Since JD has been in our program, we have seen a very somber little boy bloom before our eyes. He is now doing very well in school, and his tutor has shown him how to cook and care for his grandma by doing chores such as gathering the well water and cooking (see “Pride in a Job Well Done”). We love this photo of JD and his friends finishing up his homework together. We are so grateful to our sponsors who allow orphaned and rural children the chance to better their lives through education.

Watch for our remaining top ten photos throughout December!

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