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Counting Down Our Top Ten Photos of 2011: Emily Learns to Crawl

Coming in at #9 in our Top Ten Photos of 2011 is the unstoppable Emily. Baby Emily came into LWB’s hands from an orphanage in Fujian Province. She was born with a medical condition requiring a very specialized surgery. We were so grateful when Dr. Ngan with MedArt agreed to take her case, and Emily traveled to Hong Kong to undergo a very complex operation.

This photo was taken in May, about one month after returning to our Heartbridge Healing Home, a unit for babies who need more specialized care. At 14 months, finally able to spend some time on her tummy, Emily wasted no time learning how to “army crawl” around the room. By the time she left us in late October, Emily was pulling herself up to her feet and cruising around the furniture. However her preferred method of getting around was still crawling, which she could do very quickly. Emily just returned home with her new adoptive family to the U.S., and we all wish her every happiness in the world!

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