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Counting Down Our Top Ten Photos of 2011: Happy in the Healing Home

Baby Ricki first came into our hands as a tiny preemie from Anhui Province. She had been struggling to feed in her home orphanage and was very weak. We moved her to one of our healing homes so she could get the TLC she needed to catch up.

Ricki was delayed developmentally, and so our nannies in the home worked hard to encourage her muscle development. In this photo she was not quite strong enough to hold her head up yet, but her smile was very strong. Just a week later she was holding her head up on her own!

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  • Alison says:

    Hello my name is Alison and I adopted my daughter from Fujian Provnince in 2010. Do you know if baby Ricki available for adoption? Is there a adoption agency to contact? Thank you.