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Counting Our Blessings on the Twelve Days of Christmas: Adoption

On the fifth day of Christmas, we give thanks for international adoption and the joy of children finding permanent homes. There are times that adoption not only forms families, but also saves lives. Sometimes in our medical work in China, there are children we are unable to heal in country, and the gift of a family then becomes absolutely essential for them to get the chance they deserve. This holiday season, we are giving thanks that beautiful little Miao, who has been served by both our medical and education programs, has been chosen by a family who is working hard to bring her home. Miao was born with a very complex heart defect, and while we have helped with some of the smaller medical procedures she has needed, her only chance at a healthy life is through adoption and then being seen at a top cardiac hospital. Everyone who meets little Miao falls in love with her gentle spirit, and we are overjoyed that 2011 will see her be united with her forever family.

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