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Counting Our Blessings on the Twelve Days of Christmas: Foster Care Love

On the fourth day of Christmas, we are grateful for the hundreds of foster families who work with LWB to provide one-on-one care to orphaned children. We believe that babies do best when raised in a loving family setting, and we have seen absolute transformations occur when children are moved from a crowded institution into their very own family. Recently, our foster care director visited every child in our program in both Henan and Anhui provinces, and she came back to tell us again what child development experts have written many times. Emotionally, kids need to know that they are safe and cared for and that they can trust the people in their lives. That is the goal of our foster care program, to allow orphaned children to have moms and dads and grandparents and siblings – so they can grow up in the warmth of family life. We loved this photo of little Aiden, who is in ourĀ Zhang Village program in Anhui, as it clearly shows the bonds that form through foster care.

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