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Counting Our Blessings on the Twelve Days of Christmas: Second Chances

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we give thanks for true second chances.    We always love when we hear from the families of children we have been privileged to help heal, and when we got this photo of beautiful Tao, it brought tears of joy to our eyes.  Tao was born in China with a heart defect that prevented her from being able to gain weight and feel healthy as a baby. In fact, she was one of the tiniest seven-month-old babies we had ever seen.  The orphanage staff told us that she had never smiled because she was so thin and weak.  Thanks to generous supporters, we were able to move Tao to one of the top pediatric heart hospitals in China, where she received her life saving surgery.     Soon after, Tao was healthy enough to be submitted for adoption, and she met her forever family as a happy, vibrant little girl.  It is for children just like Tao, living in orphanages through China, that we work each and every day.

May this last week of December remind us all about what is truly important in life. Join with us this holiday season to give the gift of a second chance to those who still live as orphans. Together, we can write a story of hope today and into the coming year.

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