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Cousins Benefit from Unity Fund

We were first asked to help Jiang when he was eleven months old. A relative of Jiang’s worked as a nanny in an orphanage where we help many children, and the nanny directed Jiang’s family to apply for help through Love Without Boundaries. Partnering with Smile Train in Kunming, we were able to provide cleft lip surgery for Jiang in February of 2012 with the help of our Unity Fund. His family traveled 200 miles from their home in a rural town in Guizhou to seek help for their son.

Jiang bounced back quickly after his lip surgery and always had a bright smile in his photos. When the time came for his cleft palate surgery, his family trusted us to help again. They arrived at the hospital in Kunming for surgery two weeks ago and surprised us all by bringing along Jiang’s cousin, Mei. Mei is actually three months older than Jiang and hadn’t had her cleft lip surgery yet. Once the family proved that they needed financial assistance, we were able to immediately provide the help needed, thanks to a generous donation from Eli Lilly Ireland, a pharmaceutical company.

Mei was old enough, at two years, to have both her cleft lip and palate surgery. Jiang and Mei stayed in the hospital together for ten days. Within a day of having their surgeries, they both bounced back with smiles and their energy returned quickly. Jiang and Mei enjoyed playing together and taking little breaks outside while they recovered. They were discharged from the hospital on Saturday. We are so thankful that we could be a part of a better future for these two beautiful little cousins.

Mei and Jiang are just a few of the many children that are helped through our Unity Fund program, that provides assistance so that children from poor rural families can get the medical care they need.

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