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Creatively Making a Difference

Sometimes we are surprised and delighted at the creative fundraising efforts undertaken on behalf of the children helped by Love Without Boundaries.

Incubator Faith

Recently we heard about a daughter and father team who dreamt up a very “fun” fundraiser.  For Father’s Day this father asked his daughter Emma to donate money to a charity instead of giving him a gift. She decided she wanted to honor him with something different, and she wanted it to be BIG.  Emma was familiar with a blogger who had raised funds to buy an incubator for an orphanage in China, and she decided that her dad would really love that.  Her plan was to tell him about the gift on Father’s Day and save the money herself, however long it took, to pay for the incubator.  When she told her father, he decided to join her in saving the money. They decided together that if they simplified their expenses (by cutting a few fancy coffees, etc.) they could save the $1,400 cost of one incubator by Christmas this year.

We are so grateful that Emma and her dad found us! We are currently in need of two incubators, one of which is an urgent need for our new Starbridge Healing Home. Incubators are needed for premature and other young, sick or medically vulnerable babies. Premature babies don’t often develop the normal layer of protective fat of a full-term baby.  The warm, sterile environment in an incubator gives them a chance to fight off infection and to use their energy for critical development instead of shivering as they struggle to keep warm.

Jonah 2

Jonah, above, is an example of a premature baby currently in urgent need of care who will need to spend time in the warm comfort of an incubator.

Etan was born prematurely, and gained much needed strength to overcome liver dysfunction with the help of this incubator:

Incubator Etan

That was Etan then, but just look at him now!


With very premature babies, like Noah pictured below, the humidity in the air helps maintain and protect the integrity of their delicate skin.

Incuabtor Noah

When Emma and her dad learned that we needed not one but two incubators, and when they saw this picture of a child in an incubator made possible through a previous fundraiser, they decided to up their game plan. Emma says, “Knowing vulnerable (and adorable!) babies needed our help made us realize that we needed to buy the incubators as soon as possible.”

Incubator pic

They hadn’t planned on fundraising exactly and they didn’t want to ask people for money. So instead Emma teamed up with a designer on Etsy and created these adorable packs of 12 quote cards to give as thank you gifts for donations of any amount.
Emma Quote Cards 2

Emma Quote Cards
You can donate here if you would like to help Emma and her father’s efforts to buy the incubators we need.  Please indicate “Incubator Project” in the notes.  Then be sure to email Emma at Dogoodguide @ mac . com with your name and address and let her know you donated so she can send you the thank you gift of the inspirational cards. No need to tell her how much you donated; she and her father are just thankful for donations of any amount.

Thank you from Love Without Boundaries to Emma, her father, and to all those who wish to help with this creative project to make a real difference to children born prematurely.

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