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Crossing Paths


A mom in Spain moves heaven and heart to make sure her child is well, even if this child is thousands of kilometers away and she has not yet been able to kiss her in person.   In the process, this mom also dramatically changed the life of another child waiting in China.

The mom’s name is Belen, and her daughter waiting in China is ZiGe.  If all goes well, they will be together forever before summer.  ZiGe has an eye condition affecting her sight, and every ophthalmologist that read her medical dossier told Belen that the child needed surgery as soon as possible.  Belen consulted with LWB-Spain concerning her options and asked about the different hospitals in China.  Finally she organized everything to have her daughter’s sight repaired in Shanghai, where she has been living with a foster family.

ZiGe recently had her surgery and is perfectly well. Now she is excited about meeting her forever family. Every time an adoptive family has travelled to Shanghai to pick up their children, Belen has been able to send tons of kisses and hugs for her daughter.


While ZiGe was having her surgery, there was another child that some of you may remember waiting to have his heart healed:  Zane, a nine-year old fighter that needed help urgently.

After ZiGe had her sight cured, Belen told us that her daughter’s surgery had cost her much less than she thought and that she wanted to give other children a second opportunity for a healthy life. This way, they could also have a better chance of having a loving family of their own.  Then Zane crossed her path.

LWB-Spain was doing a fundraising campaign to help Zane, and we were receiving generous donations from concerned people who wanted to help. When Belen read Zane’s story, her mom’s heart was deeply touched. She donated ALL the money that was still needed to fully fund his surgery!!

On Zane’s behalf, THANK YOU Belen!   You bring the hope of a future to this wonderful child who has fought so much!

Jone Gereka is the Co-director of LWB Spain, a passionate volunteer for the LWB Medical program and mom to four.

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