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Cui Cui Says Thank You

Dear uncles and aunties of LWB,

I am a lucky girl who was sponsored by LWB, I am Cui Cui. I am studying in KunMing University in YunNan province, my major is accounting.
First of all I‘d like to say “Thank you VERY MUCH”on behalf of my parents, thank you for all the help you have done for me. I am a lucky and unlucky girl. Unluckily I have a cleft lip and palate and my family is poor; luckily I met you in 2005. You arranged a surgery for me free of charge; you sponsored me going to university. With your help and sponsorship and concern I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world. Now I began my brand new life. I am very glad to see now my parents don’t worry about my tuition anymore. With your sponsorship I can enter the university and have a brand new life.
I am doing vey well in the university. My teachers and my classmates are very nice to me and I have made some good friends as well. In the last semester my schoolwork ranks No.1 in my class. I will continue studying hard and won’t disappoint you. Among all the subjects I like accounting; English; computer science and Chinese. Comparing to last semester there are more subjects this semester. I also joined my university’s the Association of Young Volunteers. I am always moved by what you have done for me. I can feel from you that Love is So Great! I am always eager to help others like you and bring happiniess and joy to others. I am very happy I am a volunteer now and I can do something I like.
I believe I will finish my studying in my university smoothly with your help and sponsorship. I really appreciate you! Finally I wish LWB better and better! I wish you happy every day!
A girl who was sponsored by you,
Cui Cui
April 2008

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    Does anyone know how she is doing?


    I spoke of your story during my fund raising for the Fairview Foundation in 2006. Next week I will be doing a speech on fund raising and wanted to follow-up on how you were doing. Have you graduated yet? Are you still volunteering? Any information on how you are would be wonderful to share. Thank you for your time!

    Barbara Hutsell