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Cui’s Dream

Sometimes, a young person touches our hearts in a way that changes the whole world. CuiCui is one such person. Many of you might remember her, as she was the oldest patient we had on our 2005 cleft mission in Henan. Even though she was 19, she had never stopped hoping that someday her cleft lip would be repaired. All of us who met her were touched by her gentle spirit and determination. We were also so touched by her family, peasant farmers who had adopted her as a baby and who were so proud of their oldest child. Her father is such a kind man, who told us over and over how important it was for him that his children went to college to break the cycle of poverty in their family.

On the cleft mission in Luoyang, Cui Cui experienced the joy of healing through the generous support of LWB volunteers and donors. The picture above was taken a few months after that trip, when we were able to meet once again with CuiCui and her father, to celebrate her beautiful new look. On that trip, Cui told us how very hard she was studying, in order to be accepted to university. She also thanked us over and over for the help that LWB friends gave to her when they funded her surgery. Cui Cui is in need a little more help..help that will make a positive impact for generations. Cui Cui’s own words tell her story better than we can. Her need is posted at the conclusion of her note.


My name is Cui Cui. I was born in 1987. I live in Henan province. In my family there are my father, my mother, my brother ,my sister and I. My parents are almost sixty years old this year. They are illiterate but they are very kind-hearted, simple and honest. They have no jobs. They used to work on the farm. My father has to go outside to do some odd jobs to support my family with the salary of 30 yuan each day. My mother cook the meals for my father and my sister at home each day, sometimes she also picks up the waste to sell to get some money. Last year my brother left off his study from his middle school and works in JiaoZuo city. So far he just can supports himself. My sister is attending the fifth grade of elementary school.

I had lip and palate cleft when I was born and was abandoned by my biological parents. It is my present parents (adoptive parents) who picked me up and gave me the second life. When I was two or three years old my parents and my grandma took me to KaiFeng affiliated hospital to see a doctor. Knowing so much money for the surgery, they chose leaving the hospital. I attended the first grade while I was eight. At the age of 14, I entered our county experiment middle school with high marks. At the age of 17, I couldn’t go to the top high school in our county because of several marks. So chose FengQiu high school to continue my study. In 2005 I read the news from the newspaper that LWB would come to LuoYang to do lip & palate cleft surgeries for people without charge. So I went to LuoYang to try my luck I was not sure. I was lucky and the doctors did the surgery for me. And I met and knew some kind people, especially Angela and Amy. They are very very nice. I don’t know how to express my thanks to them in words.

If possible I will try my best to pay back the love and sponsor. After the surgery I took part in the entrance examination of 2006. But I didn’t get the high marks so I chose to a high school to study another year. 2007 this year I had a good marks and enrolled by Kunming Institute.

I like talking with friends, exchanging what we think about and enjoy the joys and pains in life. I like reading as well. I can find the answers from the books and enjoy the soul inspiration. I also like listening to the songs that encourage you to challenge difficulties because they give me the encouragement to life so that I am confident to life.

Since 2005 I always get the concern and help from LWB, I am so moved by their love I have a dream that I can speak a fluent English so that I can communicate with them fluently and say “Thank You!” to them especially Angela and Amy. I have another dream that when I have the ability in the future I will try best to help those who need help.

Finally please on behalf of my family thank those who are willing to help me and show concern and love to me including LWB. Wish you happy and best regards. Hope LWB is getting better and better.

Cui Cui


Cui Cui will study accounting for three years. Her tuition is 4,200 yuan per year Residence fee: 400 yuan/per year Books fee: 300 yuan.
Total expense per year = 4,900 yuan = $653

Those interested in sponsoring Cui Cui’s dream of an education should

Sponsors will receive quarterly updates on Cui Cui’s progress.

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