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Cute as a Button

There is a little girl we have been helping for several months who had a complex spinal tumor. Her name is “Naomi”, and she first came to Shanghai Children’s during the UCLA medical mission, where she proceeded to charm the socks off of everyone, including the neurosurgeon.

Naomi has returned to Shanghai for the second part of her surgery, and once again the hospital ward is buzzing with stories of her cuteness. One of our friends visited her today and wrote these words which made us smile:

“I saw Naomi for the first time. She is so cute. Everybody in the ward loves her, and I am no exception. “

Isn’t that great? He also shared with us that Naomi speaks in long, long sentences of her own language and using her own grammar. She just loves to chat! In fact, she especially loves to talk on anyone’s cell phone who is near, so of course she had to try out his.

We are so happy to report that her second surgery went very well, and we know she will now have a great chance at adoption.
Hope her future parents-to-be have a good calling plan! I think they are going to need it. 🙂

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