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Daddy’s Little Girl

When 8 year old Ping’s father was told his little girl needed surgery for her heart condition, he and his wife were devastated and did not know how they could provide for her care.

Ping lives in a very poor rural area of China with her mother and father. They live solely on their father’s income of about $150 a year. Yes, you read that right — $150 a year!   (Just think, a Friday night movie and dinner date could actually equal a person’s annual salary).  Since Ping’s surgery would cost many times more than her father’s annual income, they were fearful that their little girl would not receive the medical help she so desperately needed.

Staff at the hospital where Ping was admitted informed Ping’s family about Love Without Boundaries. We were contacted, and Ping was quickly sponsored through the LWB Unity Fund which sponsors medical care for impoverished rural children. Ping received her surgery in April and is now at home with her family. Although Ping and her family are still faced with daily life challenges, they are thankful their daughter is healed and doing well.  Her father is all smiles that his little girl is happy and has a healthy heart!

Mary Hecky is Medical Program Administrative Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Ohio with her husband Chad, and children Ryan, Marissa, Mariah (China), and Mya (Taiwan).

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