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Daisy: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Featured child Daisy

The world is opening up for Daisy. Words and language are the keys to unlock thinking and reasoning, and Daisy has those keys. At four years old she is described at being “good at expressing herself” by her teachers of her Believe in Me Huainan School preschool class.

Daisy is a child who thrives in the school environment. She is known for being outgoing and chatty in class, the perfect place to develop a vocabulary to express ideas. Daisy is just as lively in her listening and observation skills. It is reported that she follows the teacher’s directions and examples of work very well.

Daisy with friend

LWB’s Believe in Me schools open the doors to the future for many children. Daisy’s development will continue with the opportunities afforded her through education. Sponsors make it possible for Daisy and other children to experience everything the Believe in Me Schools offer. Daisy is in need of sponsors at $20 per month, and sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos. Please consider making a life-changing difference in Daisy’s life!

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