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Daniel Can

Every month in Daniel’s foster care reports there is one word that is never used: “can’t”. It seems there is nothing that this animated five-year-old boy in our Henan foster care program cannot do!

Daniel 10.13

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Daniel is said to be jumping on one foot, standing on one foot for long periods of time, jumping off three stairs, and playing football!  When our foster care team met him last October, he was very excited about the new light-up necklace we gave him!  He also loved seeing himself in the iPad screen:

Daniel 11.13-2

Described as very chatty, Daniel enjoys going to school and is currently learning how to read. Daniel has memorized some stories that his teacher will read during class. His teacher told his foster mother that she skipped a word by accident, and Daniel corrected her! Daniel has a very strong memory and he has memorized the days of the week, the twelve months, and TV show theme songs.

Daniel 11.13

Currently, Daniel enjoys drawing pictures of animals. He has also memorized many facts about animals and recently went to the zoo. His favorite animals are goats, and he draws many pictures of them.

Daniel smiling 11.13

Daniel is good friends with his neighbor Bobby (featured recently on this blog: “Bobby: Brimming With Creativity“). These friends enjoy playing together while their foster parents visit. Here you can see them (barely!) modeling their brand new coats that they were given through our “Coats for Kids” program, holding hands all the while.

Bobby & Daniel crop

Daniel & Bobby

This month, Daniel will not only celebrate Chinese New Year, but his sixth birthday. It is our hope that this is his last birthday spent without a forever family!

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