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Daniel’s Big Personality

Daniel is full of personality! A resident of our Xinxiang foster care program in Henan, three-year-old Daniel races to heartily greet everyone who enters his household with an enthusiastic smile and welcome. His days are filled with playtime with his many friends, and most importantly to Daniel, time with Grandma.

Grandma is Daniel’s foster grandma and primary caretaker. As she is a little older, he respectfully refers to her as “Grandma.” Like grandmothers around the world, Daniel’s grandma wants to be certain that he is sufficiently warm and bundled up against the cold. In fact, the cute hat Daniel is wearing in the top photo (with “Happy Sheep,” one of his favorite cartoon characters, on the front) was a gift from Grandma…which Daniel made sure to tell our foster care manager. He really loves and appreciates his grandma!

Daniel was born with a form of congenital spina bifida for which he has had a surgery and currently has left lateral curvature of the spine. Please don’t remind Daniel about his special need, though.  He is as active as any other boy and has adapted extremely well to his disability. Recently Grandma took him to a local supermarket where there was a trampoline set up, and he immediately rushed over to begin playing on it with the other kids. He had a wonderful time!

Daniel’s grandma and foster family tell us that they love him and hope he has a chance for a happy life. Now that he is on the shared list, his chances for that are good!   Please help us spread the word that Daniel is waiting for his family. His big personality and gregarious, fun-loving nature will surely bring joy to his forever family!

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