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Daniel’s Doings


Six-year-old Daniel continues to amaze us with his interests and his abilities! He most recently has started taking a handicraft class at school where he is learning how to use clay and make origami. He loves this time during school and has been working hard to create new things.

daniel 6

Daniel has an excellent memory. Although his birthday is not until next year, he still remembers and talks about the birthday cake his foster mother made him. He is already looking forward to his next cake and celebration!

Daniel9.14 apple

Speaking of food, Daniel has recently had an unusual request to be included in his meals. He now asks his foster mother to mix chilis into his meal as he loves the taste of them! Although he likes chilis, he is much pickier about eating his fruits and vegetables. He makes sure his foster mother knows he does NOT like tomatoes or cucumbers!

daniel 4

Since the new school year has started, Daniel has been moved to the next classroom as he is almost seven years old. He is described as very diligent in the classroom and being on his best behavior. His teachers have even commented on his positive attitude towards learning!

As you can see from these photos, Daniel is also quite the ham and loves to entertain whenever our foster care manager comes for his monthly visit.  This boy loves to perform and is quite the charmer!

daniel posingRead more about Daniel in his previous blog, “Daniel CAN Do it!

Daniel can already do so much, but we’d really like to see how he might blossom with the love of a permanent family. We hope 2015 will bring him this much-deserved opportunity!

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