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David’s Warmth

It may be cold in Fuyang, but David is staying warm! David also warms up those around him with his bright smile and happy disposition. Over the last few months, he has made incredible progress in school. His teachers say that he has made great strides with his language skills and is ready to tackle reading and writing.

David can be somewhat shy; however, his teachers happily report that he has reached out to classmates and has made friends at school. Despite his somewhat introverted nature, David eagerly participates in class, asks and answers questions, and completes his school work. He enjoys singing and reciting poetry in the classroom. Overall he is making wonderful progress at school!

Vicki Hossack, our Fuyang foster care coordinator volunteer, met David on a trip to China in October 2011.  Hearing her speak of David paints such a colorful picture of him:

I was expecting to find a shy and introverted little boy and what I got was a wonderful surprise. David was smiling from the moment I laid eyes on him until we left the small village where he lives with his foster parents and foster brother Hudson. We brought small gifts for the children, and they were excited to see what we had for them. David stood patiently, peering over the shoulders and heads of the children in front of him, waiting for his turn to get a suprise from the strange foreigners talking in front of him. We brought David some books, markers, and toy cars. He was delighted! After things calmed down I had the opportunity to sit and interact with David for a few minutes. We played with his new cars, pushing them back and forth to each other, and he laughed and giggled the whole time. I could have played with him for hours, but unfortunately our time was limited and we needed to move on. I patted my knee, gesturing David to come and sit by me for a quick good bye.  Much to my surprise he sat on one leg and his foster brother Hudson quickly sat on the other. I was even able to get in a big hug before we left.

Recently David received a gift of a red envelope filled with 100 yuan in honor of Chinese New Year. We wonder what he will want to spend it on!

David, who has recently turned nine, has been with LWB since his heart surgery. This incredibly sweet child is still looking for his forever family. To learn more about David, check out his smile in the following blogs:  “David’s Summer“; “David’s Smile is Shining Through“; “The Magnificent Smile of David from Fuyang“; and “David’s Sweet Tooth…and Sweet Heart“.   David currently needs an education sponsor to help him continue to attend kindergarten.  In addition, he is the recipient of a $2,000 adoption assistance grant which we hope will help him share his warm personality with a lucky forever family.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.


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