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Dawn: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Dawn is a sweet three-year-old girl from our Huainan foster care program who loves to dress up in fancy outfits and is rarely photographed without her pearl necklace! She also enjoys singing and dancing, talking on the phone, and riding her tricycle with her foster brother, Nick.  Dawn and Nick are very close; if anyone ever tries to tease Dawn, Nick always defends her! In true “mother’s little helper” fashion, Dawn likes to help feed the chickens, and help out around the house. We are told she especially enjoys using the rolling pin while her foster mother makes dumplings!

Like most of our Huainan foster care children, Dawn lives too far away from the Huainan Believe in Me school to attend preschool there. Thankfully, LWB has started a new tuition assistance program for this precious girl and her foster care friends!  We are currently accepting sponsors to help these children attend their local public kindergartens.

Dawn, a bright and inquisitive little girl, is ready to start the public kindergarten and needs sponsors to help cover the cost of her education. Wouldn’t you love to follow Dawn’s adventures in kindergarten? Sponsorships are only $20 per month, and Dawn’s sponsors will receive quarterly updates on her progress, including many new photos and stories of her adventures!

For information on 15 other sweet children who also want to attend school this year, please read more here.

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