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Day Four of the 2010 Cleft Surgery Trip

Dr. Ness and Dr. Martin deserve Superman nicknames today as they did five bilateral cleft surgeries, which made for a very intense day. The repairs look wonderful, and we are so grateful that the kids are receiving such beautiful repairs. We wanted to share this before and after photo of Lianne (just a day after surgery), so you can see what an artist he is in the OR. (I did remove a bit of the blood from her nose with a photo tool, but the rest is all from Dr. Ness!) Her aunty had changed her out of her little blue hospital gown back into her pink sweater and hat, and I think this is the first time we have had a baby in the same outfit for a before and after shot!

Many of the babies today were feeling so much better after their surgeries earlier in the week. John was awake most of the day today and was very alert and curious. He was so happy that he was allowed to start eating again.

John is doing beautifully

Harris was a very happy camper today and super active! The student nurses took turns strolling him up and down the hallway, and our volunteers discovered he has a wonderful throwing arm (with an orange).

Playing catch with Maureen

Louise looked beautiful after her surgery. She is such a tiny little baby – and so good natured.

Little Louise

Daisy is a quiet and happy baby as well. The team has decided that Daisy is the perfect English name for her, because she is beautiful, quiet and peaceful. She loves to look around and be carried, but will not make a fuss if you are too busy to do so. Her sweet cooing has even charmed the busy doctors, and they love holding and talking to her.

Daisy has everyone wrapped around her finger

Our team learned today that Wade has dimples! He had been very unsure of them up until today, but he has finally accepted that they are just silly and fun to laugh at. : -)

Finally a big smile from Wade!

Fenn is still not happy with most of our team following his palate surgery yesterday, but he gave Dr. Ness a tiny grin this evening.

Fenn should hopefully feel much better tomorrow

Whitney was resting when the team arrived but woke up and quietly watched the doctors and nurses do their morning rounds. She is still not feeling very well either, but her nanny is very attentive and right there to fulfill her every need.

Whitney post op

Hayden returned from surgery and was sleeping in her caregivers arms. Her lip looks wonderful, and we are sure she will be feeling much better tomorrow.

Hayden as Sleeping Beauty

Mr. Smiley, Joel, was not so happy today since he was not allowed to eat before surgery! But once he was put on the table to roll back to the OR, he perked up and looked quite brave. His repair is just beautiful, and he was already trying to smile soon after he returned from the recovery room.

Joel heading back to the OR

We have admitted several more rural children for repairs. Fang is a 13 year old girl who has never had her palate repaired. She has a twin brother and lives on a rural farm with her grandmother and grandfather. Her older sister works to support the family. They are very happy that we have agreed to accept her case. We are waiting for more information and then will put her on our website for funding.

Xuan Yu is a 15 month old baby whose family spent all of their money on her lip repair, and so now they don’t have any funds left to repair her palate. She was brought to the hospital by her mom and dad, grandmother and grandfather. They all live together in the countryside, and waited anxiously for the news on whether she would qualify. Dr. Ness is going to do her surgery tomorrow. If you would like to help this family, you can visit her donation page here.

The family of Meng Yi send their deepest thanks to the people who funded her surgery. We learned that her father was killed in September in an accident at the factory where he worked. Her mother and grandfather work as farmers and really struggle to make ends meet. We are so happy that we could help them in this way.

Sweet Little Meng Yi

We said goodbye today to Payton and Melissa as they are both doing great post-op. The family who funded Payton’s surgery got to meet her today in the hospital. We all think it is so wonderful that their new daughter whom they just adopted was one of our Anhui Cleft Home babies. Some of you might remember little Jo, who was sent to our home from Fujian. She now has a wonderful adoptive family to love her forever. That is the exact happy ending we love hearing for the babies we heal.

Melissa getting one final check up before discharge

How amazing that Jo (on right) who was healed in our Anhui cleft home, was being adopted at the same time that our cleft team was there.  We love these little serendipity moments!

Zachary and Yasmine were both not feeling well today after their palate repairs. Yasmine had a wide bilateral palate, so she was struggling with the pain. Maureen and Jenn started making balloon animals for them, which cheered them up quite a bit. We all hope they both feel better tomorrow.

Poor Yasmine wasn’t feeling well today post-surgery

De Teng continues to do a great job helping with the team and the children. He is in dental school in the Henan province, and so today he learned the story from our team of the infamous tooth fairy. Everyone has enjoyed working with him, and today Jenn gave him a gold coin from the US to wish him luck in the future.

Two more days of surgery left!  Thanks again for all of your good wishes for the kids.  Our team can feel the support all the way to China!

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