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Day One of Hefei Mission

Most of our team has arrived safely in Hefei ready to go to work on our Hemangioma medical trip. Dr. Buckmiller missed her connection due to the first leg of her flight being delayed but our good friend Michael Han (Always and Forever Tours) has worked hard to make her delay as minimal as possible.

After having breakfast together as a team on Sunday, we made rounds on the children that had arrived for treatment.

Dr. Robert Glade with LWB and Dr. Yuan of Anhui Children’s Hospital examined Hope, a nine-year-old orphaned girl from Anhui. Hope has a sparkle in her eye and a sweet smile and is having a hole in her palate repaired tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers not only for a successful surgery, but a forever family of her own.

The surgery team unpacked and began organizing for the first day of surgery (as well as hugging and playing with the babies and older children). Dr. Huang of Anhui Children’s Hospital invited the team to the operating room for a tour and discussion of tomorrow’s surgery schedule. Then it was time for more bonding with the children we are here to help.  Many of you remember Yuan, the little girl who stole everyone’s heart last year on our mission in Shanghai where she had a tumor on her forehead removed.   She is back seeing our team once again as Dr. Buckmiller will perform surgery on the tumor on her cheek.

The LWB volunteers were wondering if the open windows had allowed birds into the hallway, only to discover it was baby Er with her distinctive cooing trying to get our attention. It worked!

Dang, who traveled a long distance to be seen by Dr. Buckmiller for lymphedema of the lower right leg, arrived today with his two caretakers. Dang was tearful and shy in the presence of all these tall, strange looking people. Diane, Dr. Buckmiller’s nurse, had her heart stolen within moments of playing with him. His engaging smile and giggles charmed everyone who met him.  Diane had corresponded with Dang’s SWI and LWB Chinese volunteers about his condition. Diane brought compression stockings (to reduce the fluid in his leg) and a child’s wheelchair, donated by the Capper foundation, a Kansas charity, to enable him to be more mobile.

Go to http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedicalChild.cfm to see the children whose need includes “Nov. trip” and who are still awaiting funding.

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