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Day Three of Hefei Mission

Our morning started with Dr. Buckmiller and Dr. Glade making early morning rounds on yesterday’s surgery patients. Er was back to her melody of cooing; so all was forgiven for withholding food. She has captured Dr. Buckmiller’s heart. Er looked right into Dr. Buckmiller’s eyes and smiled her beautiful new smile as if to say “Thank you.” Even though we had to let go of these adorable babies in order to help the other babies, we were happy to do so. Being a part of getting these kids one step closer to a “forever family”made the long surgery day worthwhile.

Hope and her ayi (caregiver) were dismissed just ONE day post-operatively, after recovering quickly from her surgery. She was happy and smiling, posing with everyone for pictures. What a ham!

Chelsea, Yuan Yuan, and Leslie were the lucky makeover recipients today. Thankfully, Yuan Yuan’s surgery was less involved and did not require a stop in the ICU. Yeah! Both surgery teams (LWB and ACH) all were amazed when Yuan Yuan (just two hours after surgery) waved goodnight to everyone on rounds–and even smiled!

Dr. Buckmiller checked on Chelsea before taking Leslie to surgery.

Linda and Maureen had a very enjoyable afternoon rocking and playing with Er and Fu Yuan while the rest of the team was busy in surgery. The babies and ayis will leave tomorrow for their long journeys back. LWB volunteers spent a whole hour, without the help of an interpreter, teaching the ayis how to use the graciously donated baby carriers’ properly. It looked like a LONG game of charades!

The lunches are one of the highlights of this trip. We just HAD to show you the delicious dishes the hospital administration have provided for the whole surgery and volunteer team each day. They even delivered it to us in the OR and on the floor. What generosity!

On a special note, Julie and Jessica were invited to visit the NICU and PICU. This was incredibly moving for us. LWB has a little premature, orphaned baby boy who was only 0.8 Kg when he arrived at ACH on October 18th. The nurses have tenderly touched this little boy’s life, helping him grow to 1.2 Kg. He is all by himself in the world. He and others are in urgent need of funding to cover the costs of their medical care. We are all one big family; so please consider donating to this little boy or to LWB medical fund. The children needing sponsorship can be found at: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/SponsorMedicalChild.cfm with “Nov. trip” indicated on the “Need” line.

Check in tomorrow for the FINAL DAY of exciting pictures and stories about these life-saving and life-changing surgeries.

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